About Us

Brief History 

RNCYPT is a youth led organisation founded in 2012 to advance and promote the participation of children and young people in governance and other related issues that affect the young generation. The organisation’s background goes back to 2009 when Save the Children Norway established and supported child led groups across the country in order to advance child participation across a number of issues that are of concern to children and young people. Thirty-four Child Led Initiatives (Child Led Groups and Junior Councils) across Zimbabwe formed the National Coordination of Child Led Groups. During this period, the Zimbabwe National coordination of child led groups was mandated to coordinate Sub-Regional Network of East, Central and Southern Africa (SRNECSA) which comprised nine Countries (Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe). The national coordination played an important role of coordinating child participation activities and facilitating child participation trainings, providing technical support for member countries within the region. The role that Zimbabwean young people played strengthened their capacity and increased understanding of meaningful child participation across a number of programmes in different settings.

Between 2010 and 2012 the National Coordination of Child Led groups received capacity development training from Save the Children on inclusive child participation in local governance programmes through the Children in Governance Project. The African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) on the other side provided support for organisational development of the National coordination to improve advocacy and lobbying skills, fundraising skills and broaden the scope and understanding of the National Coordination on child rights.


  • To facilitate establishment of a vibrant and well-coordinated children and young people’s network.
  • To advocate and lobby for policies and legislation that favour the realization, development and promotion of children and young people’s rights in Zimbabwe and beyond.
  • To strengthen the capacity of children and young people to actively participate and influence development processes and decision making on issues that concern them both at local and national level, using the available society’s resources.
  • To promote the understanding of gender equality and equity with particular interest in girls and women’s rights through empowerment of girls and young women to have a voice and stand for their rights to achieve equality and equity with their male counterparts.
  • To engage children and young people to take a lead in sexual and reproductive health and rights, and on HIV and AIDS awareness on prevention and mitigation.