Programming Areas

Our Programming Areas in Detail

Child and Youth Participation in Governance

The programme seeks to ensure that children and young people have a voice and are able to participate effectively in decision making processes on issues that concern them. There is need for governments to realize children’s rights through involving them in designing policies that affect them and through better use of society’s resources. The programme focuses mainly on local government, mainly because:

 (1) Most services for children are delivered at local government level and;

 (2) Public spending on children at this level traditionally has been minimal and ineffective.

Hence, the programme will focus mainly on these main outcomes: –

Ø  Empowered children and young people who are able to be involved in the designing, signing, launching and implementation of programs that support their rights

Ø  Local governments developing policies for children and young people through a participatory approach.

Ø  Whether the available resources at local government level are allocated to the maximum extent possible to benefit all children, particularly the poorest and the most vulnerable.

Ø  Whether the available resources are well spent within a framework of open, inclusive and accountable governance to bring about positive outcomes for all children

Ø  Development and compliance to the Child Participation Policy.

This programme also encompasses the fundamentals of child protection and elucidates more on child safeguarding and child protection policies. It will touch on fundamentals of child abuse and violence against children, educating the children and young people about various forms of abuse. In a participatory way the programme will extract various forms of abuse that children encounter in their communities. It will cover elements on how children address cases of child abuse if they witness them at community level and the reporting procedures they would undertake. The program will as well focus on linking and educating children about various key stakeholders they should work with at community level to address child abuses cases including corporal punishment and cyberbullying.

the programme will be achieved through supporting child led advocacy using the grassroots child led structures that is Child Led Groups and Juniour Councils at local level to ensure there is meaningful child participation in governance issues and setting up childrens resident association. 

Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights & HIV

The programme aims at the promotion of the sexual and reproductive health rights of children and young people. The programme focuses on these important outcomes:


1.      Increased individual awareness of SRHR as human rights especially for children and young people from marginalised groups; whose SRHR are often neglected, denied, or violated. The program will further focus on improved awareness on HIV and AIDS prevention issues among children and young people.

2.   Improved access to SRHR resources, information and services. The outcome focuses on the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of SRHR resources, information, and services for children and young people.

3.      Empowered children and young people who are able to claim their SRHR and hold duty bearers accountable. National and local governments should prioritise SRHR and HIV programmes in terms of resource mobilization and allocation.

4.      Vibrant Child and Youth Led Initiatives that are able to advocate for their SRHR and support towards children and young people either infected or affected with HIV.

The outcomes of the programme will be achieved through empowering Child Led Groups, Junior Councils and Parliament in promoting and ensuring they have access to their SRHR. The program will support Child & Youth led groups, Junior Councils and Parliament to advocate for resource allocation towards their SRHR & HIV prevention at local and national level. Support will be provided to create SRHR child and youth friendly centers to enable easy access to SRHR & HIV resources, information and services. The programme seeks to build and develop active child and youth leadership, raise SRHR champions with comprehensive sexuality information and empower children and young people to actively advocate and be involved in drafting policies for their needs to be included in local and national strategies to curb challenges that have a direct bearing on their sexual and reproductive health. Particular emphasis will also be on the children and young people infected or affected by HIV&AIDS; and often lack resources, welfare, medical attention and face stigma and discrimination in various places.


Girls and Young Women’s Empowerment (GYWE)

The objective of the program is to ensure that girls and young women are empowered and given the opportunity to participate in policy and governance issues that affect their lives. Girls and Young women have remained marginalized with boys and young men being dominant in child and Youth led initiatives, therefore decisions made do not always balance the interests of the boy and girl child. There are no legal frameworks at local, national and regional levels that ensure the inclusion of girls and young women in the decision-making processes.  Space and ability for girls and young women to participate in initiatives is often constrained by cultural and religious barriers that view women as inferior to men and confines them to the domestic sphere. This disempowerment of the girl child has resulted in them having little knowledge about their rights. The program focuses on the following outcomes:

Ø  Confident girls and young women with knowledge of their rights, ensuring inclusive participation in all decision making processes.

Ø  Girls and young women’s input being taken into consideration in decision making processes, their issues given priority and implemented at both local and national level.

Ø  More accountable duty bearers for the fulfilment, protection and respect of girls and young women’s rights. Policies are developed and implemented at all levels, including facilitation of livelihoods and entrepreneurship programs to support girls and young women to realize their full potential, and become socially and economically empowered.

Ø  Improved societal attitudes towards girls and young women`s rights to inclusion in participation

      The outcomes of this program will be achieved through formulation of girls’ committees and clubs; carrying out community dialogues, empowerment trainings with girls and young women so as to ensure that they are knowledgeable of their rights and are able to demand for them from duty bearers. Engaging boys and men will be a critical approach in achieving the intended outcome of the program. Focus will also be given to the media, training journalists on gender sensitive reporting and carrying out girls’ empowerment programs on Television and Radio Stations. The program will also support the Inclusion of girls and young women in local governance structures at grassroots level (Village Development Committee and Ward Development Committee), in government policy and budget analysis, and engagement of girls with Members of Parliament (mainly those from the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus) and local councillors